About Meeee!

The Basics; I’m a twenty something Christian  female, From Johannesburg and I Finished my studies in fashion design in 2011

If there was one word that I could use to explain myself it would be ECLECTIC

Reason for this is because I’m a little bit of everything. I have many interests, suppose that’s why I couldn’t decide on a topic for my blog either. Things I love, include, baking, designing, Crafts, cooking, traveling, eating…a lot, and fitness to balance out all the eating, fashion, beauty and the list goes on. I also have some secret obsessions that include polka dots, moustaches and bulldogs, why? Because they all a little quirky and make me Jolly! I wouldn’t be able to look at a bull dog and not feel excited!

I want to share all these things through my blog. Doing this blog is a way to keep pushing myself to do the things I love, so that I can blog about them. I feel as we get older we all lose little pieces of ourselves because there’s no time to stop and do the things we love or we just don’t make the time! We all need to find the time to do the things that make us happy, make us forget to check our phones or forget about everything that is weighing down on us.

When I was a child I would do crafts for hours and get completely lost in my own little world that I wouldn’t move because it was the funniest thing ever, this still is the case except I don’t actually sit down, and let myself get lost. I want to get lost!

Many of us don’t do the things we love because we sometimes feel its a waste of time and we need to be doing more important stuff but whats more important then making your soul happy and filling your life with that special kind of sunshine. So my advice to myself and everyone else is to do the things that make you happy get lost its the best feeling!


Rambling Little Miss Sunshine


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