The Cupboard Cleaning Nightmare


We’ve all been through this, if you haven’t you may have a hoarding problem!¬† ūüėČ cupboards can be scary things if they aren’t sorted,¬† trying to Find a pair of shoes or your favourite jacket can become a 15 minute swearing and ranting episode as you chuck things over your shoulders.¬†

Being the creative person I am(always my excuse) means I’m not all that neat but believe it or not,¬† I like things organised, clean and in there place buuuut for some reason just can’t keep it that way for long, so my cupboard sorting needs to happen atleast monthly!¬†

Reason I was inspired to write about my closet sorting was,¬† well because I’m starring at it,¬† about to get cracking, so I’m thinking about what my best strategies to cleaning a cupboard is.

So here goes. My ten tips to sorting your cupboard

1- start by taking everything that is unorganised out, and anything off the hangers that you’d rather have folded

2- Fold your clothes in categorised heaps eg. Gym tops, gym pants, casual tops, leggings, shorts, sleepwear.  Hang up other things like your pants, summer dresses, jackets,  work tops and blazers,  also hang up other items the crease easily

3- Don’t be afraid to chuck away things. We all have those items we don’t really hate, but don’t love, and sometimes we put it on for a brief 5 seconds then change our minds about wearing it. Those items are called space wasters!!! My motto is, if I haven’t worn it once in the last 6months it’s time to get rid of it so I can make place for something new I’d wear more often!¬† Obviously this excludes things like evening wear that you only wear to weddings and other special occasions

4- Pack away your winter clothes if it’s summer and visa versa.¬† if your not going to use that clothing for the next 6 months why have it in the way, making your cupboard feel more cluttered

5- Make use of plastic draws in your cupboard. I use mine for shoes so they don’t end up in one huge messy pile. It can also be great for extra place for clothes so not everything is squashed together in your shelves

6- Use small separate plastic containers for things like socks, underwear, and swimwear to keep them neat and in one place

7- Colour coordinate – to be frank this is not something I do but think it could be useful to many.¬† So keep all the same colours together in there different categories,¬† so if you wearing navy pants and looking for a white top, you’ll have all the options together

8- Have the clothes you use more frequently like your work clothes in the front of your closet so it’s easy to get to when your having a rushed morning. I’ve also heard of putting a few outfits already worked out on a hanger together for days when you need an outfit in a hurry

9- As hard as it is(especially for me) try fold or hang your clothes up after you’ve taken in out and then decided against it, this will help keep your closet cleaner for longer

10- Sort your cupboard out regularly,¬† if you’re a little more tidy in comparison to me,¬† it will be a once a season thing,¬† for the rest of us. Do it as regularly as need be. It might feel like a nightmare at first but once it’s done you’ll feel so much more excited to open it up the next day and pick an outfit hassle free

Hope those 10 tips help you in someway

Happy cupboard sorting


Rambling little Miss sunshine ‚ėÄ


It’s been a while

It’s been a loooong while since I posted last. Wish I could say it was because I got to busy, or I lost my password,  or I had memory loss and completely forgot I started this blog. But nope none of the above

All I can blame it on is being lazy! But I’ve decided I need to get back into it,  because the few posts I did post waaaaay back, a whole 2 years ago!!! I did enjoy doing! 

So watch this space…..I’ll be back rambling about the things I love MORE FREQUENTLY



Art Class

I started an art class two weeks ago, I’ve always loved anything creative, its in my soul and who I am, but I’m a bit of a hit and miss artist

The reason¬†I refer to myself as a hit and miss artist is because I paint or draw something one moment and it will be stunning and i’ll impress a few people, other times when I paint or draw ill completely stuff up and it will just be horrible and ends up in the bin or hidden where it wont hurt anyone’s eyes, this is the exact reason I’ve wanted to do an art class, to refine my creative soul, to turn my talent into skill so that I can use it more correctly¬†and perfect it and take on any challenge when it comes to drawing or painting, and now I know, my lessons wont turn me in Leonardo Di Vinci but it can refine my style and help me have more hits then misses when it comes to my art.

I’ve only had two classes and not drawn anything that is an actual drawing but I have learnt so much, I took art in high school, and thought I knew more or less everything but after just two lessons I have realised I really don’t know much and I have a lot to learn

Doing this art class is something great for me, I cant remember when last I drew something that wasn’t a fashion design or a doodle and I’ve missed it, I cannot wait to start painting because that truly is my favourite hobby, its what makes me miss school, I loved art class just sitting painting and being in my¬†own¬†world

The teacher is very inspiring and she mentioned to me to try train yourself to notice new stuff and see what a great impact it makes in¬†my life, so I’ve been trying it for the last week I haven’t trained myself enough yet but¬†I’m getting there. The little¬† things I have noticed made me happy even if its little things like the first blossoms coming up on a tree as winter start to end or a crack in a wall, or what’s around me while driving. I just go about my life not really looking, we walk into a mall or street or other peoples home and don’t take notice to what’s happening around us what has changed what is different what is new.

I’ll be trying more and more to notice new things around me, take in everything around me, not for a big ultimate purpose just for myself, just so I wont go by life with my head in the sand and just to¬†improve myself

I feel this art class will have a great impact on me, its something that is close to my heart not only being creative but also being around creative people who inspire me and help me better myself

Here’s to Learning¬†new things and noticing new things




So Here We Go, My Very 1st Post

So blogging has been on my mind for a long time now, wanting to do it and never getting around it.

I have finally put my first step into the popular world of blogging. I must say I am very excited, I’ve heard that you should stick to one topic for your blog, but to be honest I could not decide what I wanted to do, so ill be doing all the stuff I love. I’ll be blogging about Fashion, Cooking, Baking, D.I.Y, Restaurants, Events and whatever¬†else comes up along the way. I didn’t want to limit myself! I want this to be more of a lifestyle blog rather than just a ‘Fashion Blog’ or ‘Cooking Blog’

I really don’t know what I am doing, so far my only plan is to figure it out along the way. I have already lost my menu bar and have no idea how to get it back, but ill get there…hopefully

So here’s to my new venture in blogging! **Ching Ching**