Lets Talk Fashion, Teen Choice Awards 2014

The Teen choice awards is an event that has¬†fun fashion in my opinion, because its not so over glamorous and stiff, we can draw lots of inspiration from it for our everyday wear, because the outfits aren’t ball gowns and evening dresses, its more cocktail like. So I want to talk about the looks I loved and the looks I love to hate. This is me being Joan Rivers just a little more Subtle ūüėČ So these were my Favourites rs_634x1024-140810163153-634.teen-choice-awards-bella-thorne-081014 I love Bella Thorne in this Johny Wujek Dress, it reminds me of a fairy, I picture tickerbell in this dress, The colours are so refreshing. I think its great that she kept her hair and make up simple so the dress does all the talking! rs_634x1024-140810165417-634.teen-choice-awards-chloe-grace-moretz-081014 (2) Chloe Moretz is wearing Valentino here and¬†I know to a few others this isn’t on their Best dressed list, but I like it. The prints are bold and strong and has a¬†Spanish bull fighter style to it but I think its awesome. She’s young and sweet and I think she pulls it off just right


Hot hot hot. Nina Dobrev was the right person to work this Vionnet Crop top and shorts. Its fun which makes it perfect for the Teen Choice awards, her skin, her hair, her make up, all perfect. I love the fact that her hair looks so effortless


Sarah Hyland was all Razzle dazzle in this marc Jacobs dress,¬†She’s a¬†very petite girl and looks much younger than what she really is, so this¬†dress is¬† great to remind us that she’s all woman.¬†Two things I would have changed is the shoe, I would have preferred a Pointy Shoe with this dress and maybe just a little bit shorter with the hem


Selena looks so Chic and classy in this Saint Laurent Suit. It could not have fit her better.


And My very Favourite look goes to Shay Mitchell in this two piece lace crop and pencil skirt. White always looks great on darker skin tones, if this was on someone else, it easily could have looked boring. Her wine red lips finish it off perfectly. superb!

And these are¬†my looks that I didn’t like so much,¬†just because of my personal taste, to other people these looks might be great but to¬†me it was just a miss


Zenday didn’t impress me much in this Material Girl Halter dress, it was just a little boring, no doubt she has a great body but it was just blei for me


Christian Dior¬†is always a favourite but this is just a miss for me, I’m not a fan of satin, I hate the way the creases are so visible because its a shiny material, I also don’t like the plunge neck line maybe if¬†it had a high neck line I would have liked it more, I also didn’t like the shoes, the gold just doesn’t go¬†here, maybe if that black wasn’t in the dress the gold would have looked nice but because of the black in the dress, I would have liked to see a¬†black shoe Maybe a cute Peep Toe


Hillary Duff is wearing a Sachin and Babi Noir crop top with a vintage skirt. I like the skirt but I don’t like the top she has paired it with, the skirt is very sexy and then the top just makes the outfit look granny-like. I wish she just choose a different top, because other than that I loved everything


Normally I love Everything that Taylor Swift puts on, but this Novis ensemble was not a winner, it seems a little like a patch work design. She’s looked much much better. And its not that I absolutely hate this look but I’m just use to seeing her look so majestic so this is a let down


I like the pants and the print but the Bra like crop top is what I didn’t like about this look, I would have preferred it with a plain black crop top. Because of¬†the top I really don’t like this. This was my Worst look. ūüė¶

So that was my take on the fashion of the night at the Teen choice awards. The trends that are still going strong from all the looks I’ve seen is Definitely ¬†Crop tops, the pointy toe, very effortless hair, and minimal to no¬†accessories.