Lets Make a Skirt!

diy skirt

Lets Make a Skirt!

This Skirt is quick and easy to make, and will take you less then half an afternoon. You can make winter skirts or summer skirts, depending which season you in , use fun patterns or even smart material if you’d like to wear it to work. This is great for the wardrobe and can cost you under R70 depending on what fabric you buy! even less if you have fabric lying around, you’ve been wanting to use but not sure for what!

You will need the following

*Elastic (Measurement of your waist or hips)

*1-2 meters Fabric of your choice. If you don’t have an over locker, try use a fabric that wont fray, or you’ll need to do French seams

And then you’ll need your Basic sewing and pattern equipment; Thread, ruler, pattern paper, pen, scissor, measuring tape


Step one

Measure the length you would like your skirt to be. from either your waist or hips


Mine was 41 cm

Step two

Draw a line down your pattern paper (this will be you CB and CF line) and then mark the length of your skirt on that line and from that point square out to the Right


Step three

Now mark the top of your CB/CF line as 1 and the point where you squared out from as 2


Step Three

At the Top of your CF/CB line at point 1 add 2cm straight up and mark it as 3


Step four

Square Off From Point 3

Step five

Measure the biggest part of your body between your hips and thighs.

Take that measurement and add 2cm to it and then divide that number by 4




Take that number (28.2) and mark it on the line you squared off from 3 and mark this point as 4


Step six

Take that Same Measurement and add 6cm (28.2+6), and mark that on the bottom line as shown above. mark as point 5

Step seven

Connect point 4 to 5 with a straight line

Step eight

On line 4 to 5 mark the length of the skirt from point 4, mark as point 6

Step nine

Connect Point 1 to Point 4 by smoothing off the line, make sure you square off from point 1 so the line is straight. Also smooth off from line 2-5 to connect to point 6


Step ten

Now add Seam Allowance at a measurement of 1.5 cm all around the pattern except for the CF/CB line because this will be one fold.


Indicate Clearly that the CB/CF needs to be on Fold

Step eleven

Now cut out you pattern and pin to fabric. Cut pattern twice with CF/CB on fold both times.


Step twelve

You should now have 2 pieces of fabric. Pin fabric right sides facing to each other on the side seams.  sew together and then over lock if needed. Also over lock the top of the skirt

DSC_2097         DSC_2099

Step thirteen

Now Measure Elastic by putting it on yourself and pulling slightly tighter until it sits nice and securely but not to tight. If your making this for someone else then take there waist/hip measurement and subtract 5 cm


Close the elastic by stitching it together, don’t sew right sides facing, rather so it on top of each other so it isn’t bulky. Preferably 1st overlook the elastics open edges


Step fourteen

Now pin Elastic to the skirt. Remember the elastic needs to be pinned to the outside of the skirt as it will be on the top. you wont be sewing Right sides facing but on top of one another. You need to gather the skirt as you pin it, to allow it to stretch. Pin 1cm away from the edge of the bottom of the elastic.

DSC_2111       DSC_2109

Step Fifteen

Now you need to sew the pinned fabric, if your machine has a zig zag stitch its best to use that, if not, set your stitch length 2 marks up and  stretch the elastic slightly as you sew, not to much or it will stretch the elastic out of shape. Sew 0.5 away from bottom elastic


Step sixteen

Finishing off

Put the skirt on and see if your still happy with the length or cut of excess length. then do your hem as you prefer. Either a Pin Hem, over lock or Blind hem

And there You have a skirt.

Happy Days 😉