The Cupboard Cleaning Nightmare


We’ve all been through this, if you haven’t you may have a hoarding problem!¬† ūüėČ cupboards can be scary things if they aren’t sorted,¬† trying to Find a pair of shoes or your favourite jacket can become a 15 minute swearing and ranting episode as you chuck things over your shoulders.¬†

Being the creative person I am(always my excuse) means I’m not all that neat but believe it or not,¬† I like things organised, clean and in there place buuuut for some reason just can’t keep it that way for long, so my cupboard sorting needs to happen atleast monthly!¬†

Reason I was inspired to write about my closet sorting was,¬† well because I’m starring at it,¬† about to get cracking, so I’m thinking about what my best strategies to cleaning a cupboard is.

So here goes. My ten tips to sorting your cupboard

1- start by taking everything that is unorganised out, and anything off the hangers that you’d rather have folded

2- Fold your clothes in categorised heaps eg. Gym tops, gym pants, casual tops, leggings, shorts, sleepwear.  Hang up other things like your pants, summer dresses, jackets,  work tops and blazers,  also hang up other items the crease easily

3- Don’t be afraid to chuck away things. We all have those items we don’t really hate, but don’t love, and sometimes we put it on for a brief 5 seconds then change our minds about wearing it. Those items are called space wasters!!! My motto is, if I haven’t worn it once in the last 6months it’s time to get rid of it so I can make place for something new I’d wear more often!¬† Obviously this excludes things like evening wear that you only wear to weddings and other special occasions

4- Pack away your winter clothes if it’s summer and visa versa.¬† if your not going to use that clothing for the next 6 months why have it in the way, making your cupboard feel more cluttered

5- Make use of plastic draws in your cupboard. I use mine for shoes so they don’t end up in one huge messy pile. It can also be great for extra place for clothes so not everything is squashed together in your shelves

6- Use small separate plastic containers for things like socks, underwear, and swimwear to keep them neat and in one place

7- Colour coordinate – to be frank this is not something I do but think it could be useful to many.¬† So keep all the same colours together in there different categories,¬† so if you wearing navy pants and looking for a white top, you’ll have all the options together

8- Have the clothes you use more frequently like your work clothes in the front of your closet so it’s easy to get to when your having a rushed morning. I’ve also heard of putting a few outfits already worked out on a hanger together for days when you need an outfit in a hurry

9- As hard as it is(especially for me) try fold or hang your clothes up after you’ve taken in out and then decided against it, this will help keep your closet cleaner for longer

10- Sort your cupboard out regularly,¬† if you’re a little more tidy in comparison to me,¬† it will be a once a season thing,¬† for the rest of us. Do it as regularly as need be. It might feel like a nightmare at first but once it’s done you’ll feel so much more excited to open it up the next day and pick an outfit hassle free

Hope those 10 tips help you in someway

Happy cupboard sorting


Rambling little Miss sunshine ‚ėÄ


It’s been a while

It’s been a loooong while since I posted last. Wish I could say it was because I got to busy, or I lost my password,  or I had memory loss and completely forgot I started this blog. But nope none of the above

All I can blame it on is being lazy! But I’ve decided I need to get back into it,  because the few posts I did post waaaaay back, a whole 2 years ago!!! I did enjoy doing! 

So watch this space…..I’ll be back rambling about the things I love MORE FREQUENTLY



Coffee Shop Review; Lua A Baker’s Cafe


I’ve been to Lua a few times before this, and there is a reason I keep going back. This used to be a place called Moonrackers and was¬†there for years, and I only went there once, reason being, was because it was so uninviting everything was closed up, there were never cars outside and you could not see in at all, if you wanted to get in you had to ring bell.

Early this year I saw some revamping going on, and now I’m not sure if its new owner or not, but they changed it up, they made it a lot more welcoming and¬†they made it more¬†open¬†and now the parking lot is almost always full when I drive past

As you walk in, you feel as if your walking into a secret garden, it has a Unrefined whimsical Charm to it, its a very pretty girly place, not that men wont feel welcome, its just that its so soft and quaint  with all the cakes out on display in glass domes and flowers everywhere, local painting on the walls, its just so delightful

It has a wide variety on the menu and that’s separate to the display of cakes you can choose from. I had a Egg benedict, a favourite of mine, and its not easy to make a good benedict but they perfected it, from how I wanted my egg to the creamy hollandaise sauce.¬†I also tasted a little of the lamb curry pot pie, that was beautifully made in an enamel camping¬†mug, love the rustic charm they use. The presentation is Charming, even the plates are all different and mis match¬†on the table that just adds to that whimsical feel

DSC_2313 DSC_2315

It was raining the day when we went and being so homey and cosy inside we felt, well, right at home!!. With classical music playing in the background and an array of pretty things all around you, its the perfect setting. This would be thee spot on place for a baby shower, Hens party or even a small engagement party

We ordered cake to go, we ordered a red Velvet, not as good as mine ūüėČ but still tasty and a lemon frosted cake, which was light and fluffy vanilla cake with a Yummy Lemon icing. That was delish, if you don’t have a sweet tooth you could still enjoy this, because the flavour is quite subtle

Every time I go back I am delighted to be there, from the setting to the food its just my kind of place, Service is good, its open 7 in the morning already and my wifi connects automatically, what more can a girl ask for!

So I’m Giving Lua,¬†A Baker’s caf√©…

gold-star-2-1 gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1

A whole 5 stars!

Where’s it at: Here¬†https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/Michelle+Ave,+Alberton/@-26.2866101,28.1055194,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1e95054e96ccd3ff:0xbf50267ce0f3ba2e¬†



Moist Delectable Red Velvet


This Recipe is amazing, I have tried at least Four different red velvet recipes because I was looking for a specific taste and texture, there’s a lot more to a red velvet than just being red and I’m glad to say I have finally found the winner! I tweaked the recipe slightly to my liking and I loved it and so did everyone else who had some

This is what you’ll need

-2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, plus a little extra for dusting

-2  & 1/2 Cups flour

-1 Teaspoon salt

-1 & 1/2 Cups Sugar

-1 cup Canola oil

-2 large eggs

-2 tablespoons Crimson food colouring

-1 teaspoon pure Vanilla Extract or 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence

-1 cup buttermilk

-1/2 cup warm strong coffee, not coffee powder, coffee you drink!

-1 & 1/2 teaspoons Baking soda

-2 teaspoons white Vinegar


-100g unsalted butter at room temp

-195g pure icing sugar

-1 teaspoon vanilla essence

-250g plain cream cheese

-White Food Colouring (optional)

How you do it;

-preheat oven to 180′

-Butter two 9-inch cake rounds, dust with cocoa, tapping out excess

-Wisk together flour, salt and cocoa in a medium bowl, set aside

-Mix sugar and oil on medium speed, add eggs one at a time, Mix well after each addition, Mix in food colouring and Vanilla

-It should be a beautiful rich dark pink colour


-Add flour Mixture in 3 batches, alternating with the buttermilk. beginning and ending with flour. Mixing well after each addition

-Stir together baking powder and vinegar in a small bowl

-Add Baking soda mixture to batter and mix on medium for 10 seconds

-Stir in the warm coffee until just combined

-Pour Batter into prepared pans

-Have a spoon full of batter for good luck

– And then Bake until a cake tester or toothpick comes out clean approx. 18-25 mins

-Let cool Completely

Now The Icing

-Beat Cream Cheese, butter, icing sugar and vanilla in bowl until smooth

-Add as much white food colouring as needed, this just helps the icing to get that famous snow white icing a red velvet has. These are pricey though, so if your going for taste and not looks rather skip it

-Ice Cake once cake it completely cooled

If your planning on making this cake be prepared to be blown away it really is delectable!

Yum Yum Yum

A Few Tips

-Leaving your cake to stand for a few days enhances the flavour, but wrapped it¬†tightly in cling wrapped so it doesn’t dry out

-dice your butter before adding to icing sugar mix

-If you cant get your icing to go smooth, try placing your bowl over another bowl with some warm water, and continue beating until butter melts and mixture becomes smooth, allow to cool slightly again before icing cake, else the icing will just run


Art Class

I started an art class two weeks ago, I’ve always loved anything creative, its in my soul and who I am, but I’m a bit of a hit and miss artist

The reason¬†I refer to myself as a hit and miss artist is because I paint or draw something one moment and it will be stunning and i’ll impress a few people, other times when I paint or draw ill completely stuff up and it will just be horrible and ends up in the bin or hidden where it wont hurt anyone’s eyes, this is the exact reason I’ve wanted to do an art class, to refine my creative soul, to turn my talent into skill so that I can use it more correctly¬†and perfect it and take on any challenge when it comes to drawing or painting, and now I know, my lessons wont turn me in Leonardo Di Vinci but it can refine my style and help me have more hits then misses when it comes to my art.

I’ve only had two classes and not drawn anything that is an actual drawing but I have learnt so much, I took art in high school, and thought I knew more or less everything but after just two lessons I have realised I really don’t know much and I have a lot to learn

Doing this art class is something great for me, I cant remember when last I drew something that wasn’t a fashion design or a doodle and I’ve missed it, I cannot wait to start painting because that truly is my favourite hobby, its what makes me miss school, I loved art class just sitting painting and being in my¬†own¬†world

The teacher is very inspiring and she mentioned to me to try train yourself to notice new stuff and see what a great impact it makes in¬†my life, so I’ve been trying it for the last week I haven’t trained myself enough yet but¬†I’m getting there. The little¬† things I have noticed made me happy even if its little things like the first blossoms coming up on a tree as winter start to end or a crack in a wall, or what’s around me while driving. I just go about my life not really looking, we walk into a mall or street or other peoples home and don’t take notice to what’s happening around us what has changed what is different what is new.

I’ll be trying more and more to notice new things around me, take in everything around me, not for a big ultimate purpose just for myself, just so I wont go by life with my head in the sand and just to¬†improve myself

I feel this art class will have a great impact on me, its something that is close to my heart not only being creative but also being around creative people who inspire me and help me better myself

Here’s to Learning¬†new things and noticing new things




Restaurant Review; Calisto’s


Calisto’s is an old favourite when it comes to restaurants in the south, its a hearty¬†Portuguese, family restaurant that’s been around for as long as I can remember, and is renowned for good Portuguese food

The reason for my visit was my moms birthday last weekend, we decided on Calisto’s because we wanted something a little out of the ordinary that we normally wouldn’t ¬†go to but not to far out our way, so Calisto’s it was

¬†As arriving to Calisto’s its almost like pulling up to a mansion, as its not in a shopping centre or designed like a typical restaurant, as¬†we walked in the door¬†we were ¬†warmly welcome and immediately seated, so first impressions were delightful, we only expected great things from here

 From our warm welcomes to our waitress, service was great, our waiter seemed to be new because she seemed a little confused and all over the place at times  but non the less did a great job as we could see she was trying her utmost to keep us happy

They have a great selection of Portuguese cuisine from¬†Prawns, steaks trinchado, Peri Peri chicken and the works, I ordered a Portuguese steak, which is a Rump steak, toped with a slice of ham, egg¬†and gravy and chips. The flavour was superb, the sauce was a creamy alternative from which I’m normally used to when ordering a Portuguese steak. The¬†cut of steak however¬†just had lots sinew in it, which made it hard to chew for me. The chips were crispy and fluffy inside,¬†which went great with my gravy. I also had a taste of the peri peri chicken and Roasted vegetable both of which were very enjoyable. Made just the way it should be

Another thing Calisto’s is know for is for its Peri Peri sauce, if you like it hot, this is an awesome Chilli sauce, its hot and has great flavour, its not to oily tasting¬†like some places, I believe this is because they use a good quality olive oil, it was delish on a bun with butter and drizzled over my steak. Even better yet, they know its good, so they even sell it in bottles so you can buy it for home


The Dessert was unfortunately Disappointing, I ordered a sticky toffee Pudding but its was more like a¬†muffin, and it wasn’t the fact that it was made to look like a muffin, it was the fact that it was dry and bland. It looked so inviting when seeing it in the dessert¬†display but¬†once in my mouth, big let down.


The ambience throughout our whole meal was great, Portuguese music¬†(I’m assuming) playing in the background was Cheerful,¬†The d√©cor has a very rustic feel, which face break walls with big open pan windows and doors¬†looking out ¬†and random old trinkets hanging from the Ceiling, like an old guitar and bowls and radios, all random thing, it sets a great visual experience

The Price Range Is¬†above average,¬†not cheap but not toooo¬†Expensive. There are Cheaper options¬†like your light Meals for example a Prego¬†if the other stuff is out of your budget. So if you have a little cash to spend for some authentic Portuguese food¬†¬†with a great Dinner or lunch vibe Calisto’s is the place

So I’m rating¬†my Experience at Calisto’s with

gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1 gold-star-2-1

I had A great lunch witch a great vibe, I felt like I could have been sitting in Portugal itself, the reason I haven’t rated it higher is mainly because of my food, the flavours of the steak was great but I don’t want to fight with my steak¬†to get it down, another disappointment was the muffin or sticky toffee as they called it, visually it was beautiful but reason its called sticky is because it needs to be sticky

I will be going back to Calisto’s, and would suggest it to people if they looking for a nice Vibe and family setting, Even though my food and dessert weren’t perfect the rest of my experience was great



Lets Talk Fashion, Teen Choice Awards 2014

The Teen choice awards is an event that has¬†fun fashion in my opinion, because its not so over glamorous and stiff, we can draw lots of inspiration from it for our everyday wear, because the outfits aren’t ball gowns and evening dresses, its more cocktail like. So I want to talk about the looks I loved and the looks I love to hate. This is me being Joan Rivers just a little more Subtle ūüėČ So these were my Favourites rs_634x1024-140810163153-634.teen-choice-awards-bella-thorne-081014 I love Bella Thorne in this Johny Wujek Dress, it reminds me of a fairy, I picture tickerbell in this dress, The colours are so refreshing. I think its great that she kept her hair and make up simple so the dress does all the talking! rs_634x1024-140810165417-634.teen-choice-awards-chloe-grace-moretz-081014 (2) Chloe Moretz is wearing Valentino here and¬†I know to a few others this isn’t on their Best dressed list, but I like it. The prints are bold and strong and has a¬†Spanish bull fighter style to it but I think its awesome. She’s young and sweet and I think she pulls it off just right


Hot hot hot. Nina Dobrev was the right person to work this Vionnet Crop top and shorts. Its fun which makes it perfect for the Teen Choice awards, her skin, her hair, her make up, all perfect. I love the fact that her hair looks so effortless


Sarah Hyland was all Razzle dazzle in this marc Jacobs dress,¬†She’s a¬†very petite girl and looks much younger than what she really is, so this¬†dress is¬† great to remind us that she’s all woman.¬†Two things I would have changed is the shoe, I would have preferred a Pointy Shoe with this dress and maybe just a little bit shorter with the hem


Selena looks so Chic and classy in this Saint Laurent Suit. It could not have fit her better.


And My very Favourite look goes to Shay Mitchell in this two piece lace crop and pencil skirt. White always looks great on darker skin tones, if this was on someone else, it easily could have looked boring. Her wine red lips finish it off perfectly. superb!

And these are¬†my looks that I didn’t like so much,¬†just because of my personal taste, to other people these looks might be great but to¬†me it was just a miss


Zenday didn’t impress me much in this Material Girl Halter dress, it was just a little boring, no doubt she has a great body but it was just blei for me


Christian Dior¬†is always a favourite but this is just a miss for me, I’m not a fan of satin, I hate the way the creases are so visible because its a shiny material, I also don’t like the plunge neck line maybe if¬†it had a high neck line I would have liked it more, I also didn’t like the shoes, the gold just doesn’t go¬†here, maybe if that black wasn’t in the dress the gold would have looked nice but because of the black in the dress, I would have liked to see a¬†black shoe Maybe a cute Peep Toe


Hillary Duff is wearing a Sachin and Babi Noir crop top with a vintage skirt. I like the skirt but I don’t like the top she has paired it with, the skirt is very sexy and then the top just makes the outfit look granny-like. I wish she just choose a different top, because other than that I loved everything


Normally I love Everything that Taylor Swift puts on, but this Novis ensemble was not a winner, it seems a little like a patch work design. She’s looked much much better. And its not that I absolutely hate this look but I’m just use to seeing her look so majestic so this is a let down


I like the pants and the print but the Bra like crop top is what I didn’t like about this look, I would have preferred it with a plain black crop top. Because of¬†the top I really don’t like this. This was my Worst look. ūüė¶

So that was my take on the fashion of the night at the Teen choice awards. The trends that are still going strong from all the looks I’ve seen is Definitely ¬†Crop tops, the pointy toe, very effortless hair, and minimal to no¬†accessories.