Coffee Shop Review; Lua A Baker’s Cafe


I’ve been to Lua a few times before this, and there is a reason I keep going back. This used to be a place called Moonrackers and was there for years, and I only went there once, reason being, was because it was so uninviting everything was closed up, there were never cars outside and you could not see in at all, if you wanted to get in you had to ring bell.

Early this year I saw some revamping going on, and now I’m not sure if its new owner or not, but they changed it up, they made it a lot more welcoming and they made it more open and now the parking lot is almost always full when I drive past

As you walk in, you feel as if your walking into a secret garden, it has a Unrefined whimsical Charm to it, its a very pretty girly place, not that men wont feel welcome, its just that its so soft and quaint  with all the cakes out on display in glass domes and flowers everywhere, local painting on the walls, its just so delightful

It has a wide variety on the menu and that’s separate to the display of cakes you can choose from. I had a Egg benedict, a favourite of mine, and its not easy to make a good benedict but they perfected it, from how I wanted my egg to the creamy hollandaise sauce. I also tasted a little of the lamb curry pot pie, that was beautifully made in an enamel camping mug, love the rustic charm they use. The presentation is Charming, even the plates are all different and mis match on the table that just adds to that whimsical feel

DSC_2313 DSC_2315

It was raining the day when we went and being so homey and cosy inside we felt, well, right at home!!. With classical music playing in the background and an array of pretty things all around you, its the perfect setting. This would be thee spot on place for a baby shower, Hens party or even a small engagement party

We ordered cake to go, we ordered a red Velvet, not as good as mine 😉 but still tasty and a lemon frosted cake, which was light and fluffy vanilla cake with a Yummy Lemon icing. That was delish, if you don’t have a sweet tooth you could still enjoy this, because the flavour is quite subtle

Every time I go back I am delighted to be there, from the setting to the food its just my kind of place, Service is good, its open 7 in the morning already and my wifi connects automatically, what more can a girl ask for!

So I’m Giving Lua, A Baker’s café…

gold-star-2-1 gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1gold-star-2-1

A whole 5 stars!

Where’s it at: Here https://www.google.co.za/maps/place/Michelle+Ave,+Alberton/@-26.2866101,28.1055194,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1e95054e96ccd3ff:0xbf50267ce0f3ba2e